The Robot Versus Future artist collective constructed a MIDI Synthesizer out of Televisions for the 2013 Burning Man Pavilion.

That year's art theme was "Cargo Cult", we believed that we could generate a meaningful, and simultaneously playful, interactive art installation to be exhibited in the Pavilion. The RVF philosophy is fascinated with the antiquated machine, the borderline obsolete, thus we are dragging these arcane CRT TVs into the present to coalesce with modern technology. We believe we can redefine these obsolete objects, by making them useful again



We got all of the TVs and cords we needed!

We built the interface!

The artists of RVF have been dabbling and tinkering with electronics since 2010. We are good at breaking stuff, making noises, and keeping audiences wondering. Most of the time we rely on 2nd-hand or recycled materials for our pieces, sourcing our raw goods from the Craigslist "FREE" section, and harvesting them for their usable components.

You may be thinking "Wow, that last paragraph was really loaded with a lot of links to Transmedia performances." Well, we think you are rather clever, because it was. RVF has been granted the right to exhibit in the Man Pavilion, we are honored, and it signifies that we are growing as emerging artists. We see this as an opportunity to branch out from a more personalized kind of making to a community driven style of making.

Robot Versus Future has been developing and deconstructing electronic instruments for their own performances for many years. We are ready to develop for a wider audience, and believe that RVFMTV2 would be an excellent debut to the community within Black Rock City.

The piece is intended to evoke nostalgia for the past, reminiscent of a glitchy space ship monitoring system. The installation and interaction will poke at a vintage, or stylized, perception of the future, while acknowledging that there is no way to understand what the future may look like, or what it may be capable of.


RVF has already prototyped a MIDI TV synthesizer, and is ready to grow the project to make it directly interactive. Here it is in action.


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questions about the project? email robotversusfurure@gmail.com